Floor, Counter and Shelf Merchandising

Floor, counter and shelf merchandisers are used in virtually any retail account such as liquor, c-store, grocery, retail department, and electronic stores to name a few. Molded urethane is an ideal use for retail merchandisers since the material allows for the creation of unique and complex shapes; and combines well with other mediums such as metal, plastics, and illumination – all of which generates and promotes brand awareness to increases sales.

Because merchandising displays often call for heavier support systems including wire and metal structures; here at MoldRite, we possess the ability to shroud these commodity mediums with our innovative urethane – turning a very basic design into a very dramatic and impactful brand statement.

MoldRite is a leader in creative and innovative methods in the production and fabrication of combined urethane multi-material medium merchandisers. Your experience at MoldRite begins with creative design and prototyping. This is where your ideas come to life through renderings, sketches and engineering drawings. From the design concept, our team will create a 3D model of virtually any detailed shape required for molding; as well as facilitating the combination of other materials to create the ideal multi-medium merchandiser for maximum impact.

MoldRite provides complete multi-medium merchandising services from design to delivery. Our in-house capabilities include: creative design; prototyping; tooling; molding; finishing and decorating; assembly and packaging. Refer to the Services page of our site for a detailed description of these services.

Our unique tooling allows us to mold complex dimensional shapes and logos, fully detailed textured or high-tech smooth surfaces to highlight and enhance your product placement. Our decorators utilize numerous techniques such as hand painting and staining to enhance molded display elements. Vacuum metalizing molded letters, logos, or other appropriate key elements in a variety of chrome finishes add additional visual impact to your merchandiser. MoldRite also offers full decal printing and application service such as direct screen, digital, offset or pad printing, vinyl printed decals, and water or chemical applied printed decals. We facilitate, furnish and assemble other materials such as wood, wire, metal, and various plastics, as well as illumination, motion and sound.

We will individually pack, master pack and bulk ship your merchandisers to a warehouse/distribution center or drop ship them directly to your client’s door.

From design to delivery trust MoldRite to promote and increase your brand awareness.