MoldRite’s in-house project offerings include: creative, design, engineering and estimating; prototyping; pattern and tooling development; molding; decoration; fabrication; assembly; warehousing; and drop shipping and logistics – providing our clients with the best in class for point-of-purchase and industrial programs.

MoldRite utilizes strategic partners to offer solutions that offer an unlimited array of materials and processes to achieve complex finished products. Our staff works step by step with our clientele to achieve their goals and exceed their expectations.

Creative, Design and Engineering

For all marketing and Point of Purchase display projects, our expert designers and engineers work closely with our clients to ensure that the initial concepts are on target. Once we have ascertained that our renderings, drawings and plans are on par with client expectations, we move forward to tooling and production. We give the utmost care to every detail to bring forth the ideal completed product.


For all projects, MoldRite offers prototypes of project designs. Prototyping is extremely beneficial and serves to ensure the best possible outcome for your project. Prototypes’ are based on the design specifications developed during the creative design process, and provides’ the client with a physical part to inspect.

Once the prototype is accepted, tooling if needed can be completed and production can commence – all of which is guaranteed to match the prototype.


Our designers and engineers understand the nuances of proper tool preparation. Proper tool design makes a
difference concerning the assembly of multi-medium projects.
Every project begins with a pattern and/or engineering drawing which serve as the blue print for the part to be developed. Since our molding and fabrication processes often require minute details; development of detailed engineering drawings and patterns is the critical first step in the tooling process.

Our expert trained designers and engineers can develop patterns from simple “napkin” sketches to complex engineered drawings. Our tooling capabilities include: CADD engineering and design, modeling, sculpting, carving, traditional fabrication, fixtures, and CNC machining.

Tooling is completed in-house to ensure strict adherence to project specifications. Through our unique combination of fabrication, automation, and molding processes; we offer an extraordinary range of products including deep draws, undercuts, insert-molding, smooth high-tech surfaces to various textured surfaces, full round, and unique complex shapes to name a few.



Once the tooling or “molds” are complete, molding production can begin. The molded parts produced are an exact replica of the initial pattern developed and meets all client specified criteria.

Our highly-skilled molding staff is capable of molding parts as small as golf ball, to parts up to 10-feet long, and up to 4-feet wide. Molded part depths vary from 3/8-inches to almost 24-inches.

We have trained our staff to run the latest in foam dispensing equipment technology and to pour a variety of different urethane densities formulated to achieve maximum efficiencies. Today’s molding medium can with stand the demands of heavy duty merchandising and product display requirements. From merchandising several cases of liquor and beer to supporting sporting goods and other weighted products. Urethane molding offers intriguing design with strength for the retail environment.


Finishing and Decorating

Whether your program needs are molding or fabrication we offer a vast array of finishing and decorating options. From hand painting to air brushing there are many ways in which products can be decorated at MoldRite. Techniques include spray painting, spray mask painting, hand painting, airbrushing, enameling, staining, inking, direct screen printing, decal finishing-and-decoratingprinting and a host of other decorating applications. Materials use range from high end automotive grade paint and clear systems to lacquers, enamels, stains and inks.

MoldRite decorating methods are unmatched in the industry. Our expert finishers can provide a perfect paint finish that rivals the appearance of an automobile to finishing molded pieces that look like a textured surface such as wood or rock. The decorating materials and methods are determined by the details of the project at hand.

Because our unique designs often call for the use of alternative materials such as wire, metal, wood, plastics, and illumination in combination with our urethane molding, we have complete control of the assembly and quality control right in our plant. Every sign, display, and or merchandiser is assembled with care and cross checked for accuracy.”

Another finishing service we are able to employ for select parts is vacuum metalizing. Depending on the part configuration, we are able to provide chrome, gold, and various color tinted chrome finishes. We have recently expanded this medium to not only include flat parts, but three-dimensional full round parts as well. Application of this process is determined on a case by case basis to determine feasibility.

packaging-and-shippingPackaging and Shipping

Every project has special packaging and shipping requirements, whether it concerns bulk packing or individual carton packaging. From mass truck shipments to drop shipments, we take great care to ensure that all client requirements are properly met.

Additionally, we offer temporary on-site storage for clients to accommodate special distribution needs.