MoldRite Products, Inc. was founded in 1974 by Sergio Bondi, who served as the company’s owner and presidenthistory-moldrite-working until 2003. He was then succeeded by his son Jeff Bondi who currently serves as owner and president today.

A recognized expert in urethane molding, Sergio started his endeavor in a small shop mixing urethane by hand. His years in the business have led to developing a brilliant and highly-skilled staff that is well-trained in the craft and production of urethane molded products. From mixing urethane by hand – today MoldRite utilizes the latest technology in environmentally friendly foam injection equipment.

Simply put, we have gained business throughout the years as a direct result of our capabilities. When others have claimed certain products to be un-moldable, MoldRite has always accepted the challenge and has succeeded at the task. As a result we have pushed the envelope of urethane molding and have gained new business. Our ability to handle very intricate and complex projects leads us to regularly outshine the competition.

history-moldrite-buildingMoldRite was the first urethane company to provide pieces to the Point of Purchase industry over forty years ago. As the industry grew and changed, so did the demands for quality and improvement. Never backing away from a challenge and the chance to innovate, MoldRite worked hard to develop new ways to attain intricacy and complexity in urethane products while maintaining our high standard of excellence.

From our humble beginnings as a urethane molder, today we now offer the complete mix of semi-permanent and permanent signage, display and merchandising. Many of our product offerings complement our core competency of urethane molding. MoldRite will continue to seek new and creative ways to offer great products, while saving you time and money.