Architectural and Retail Decor

Urethane molded parts can be utilized as the primary focal-point of an impactful display, but it can also have a functional utilitarian use as well. Consider molded urethane components to add needed detail and elegance to your sign or merchandising display. Urethane components can be used in a variety of OEM, POP and RETAIL applications which include but are not limited to:

  • Animal Replicas;
  • Framing Systems;
  • Simulated Food Items;
  • Indoor and Outdoor Menu Board Systems;
  • Architectural Headers, Bases, Corbels, and Shrouds;
  • Facings, crown moldings, and Finials;
  • Dash Boards;
  • Unique Molded add-on Elements such as icicles; and
  • Environmental Elements such as Rocks, Bricks, Logs, Bark, Sand, Ice, and Snow – to name a few.

These components can take on a variety of textures ranging from high tech smooth metal finishes to rough rock, from weathered wood parts such as barn board to finished furniture appearance wood grains. The texture possibilities are endless. MoldRite is capable of molding these parts as small as a golf ball, to parts as large as 10-feet long, and up to 4-feet wide. Molded part depths can vary from 3/8-inches to almost 24-inches.

Another recent value added Retail Décor and Component service that MoldRite can offer is vacuum metalized parts and/or display pieces. We have recently perfected the ability to vacuum metalize full round parts up to 16” x 12” x 10”. Letters and brand logos of various shapes and sizes are also good candidates for urethane vacuum metalized display pieces.
Consider how a MoldRite urethane component can boost the needed awareness you brand deserves.